About us

Aman Khuur Trails is a small and indipendent Online Tour Operator which is exclusively dedicated to the promotion and sale of travel tours in Mongolia. Our prerogative is to encourage the travel of individuals and small groups, from 3 to 5 people maximum, moving away as much as possible from the “mass tourism”.

We are willing to listen your needs by organizing customized tours on request, trying, as far as possible, to create an itinerary that can include the most desired destinations. Furthermore, we are at your complete disposal to assist you and to give you some suggestions regarding the choice of accommodation in Ulan Bator or in other major cities. Before making any reservation, we recommend that you check the accuracy of the ads and take a careful look at the reviews and the general evaluation of the structure in which you will be staying.

The team we work with in Mongolia is made up of people who have been working in the tourism field for more than twenty years. Deep connoisseurs and lovers of the land in which they were born and raised, they will guide you to discover a unique and wonderful country.

Venturing alone into the Mongolian steppe would probably be a wonderful experience but certainly not recommended. Public transport is poor and the road network is underdeveloped; the signs, if not in the main communication routes, are practically non-existent. That’s why it is necessary to book a tour and rely on the most experienced local drivers and guides, able to reach destinations apparently impossible to reach. Their point of reference is the territory itself, with its mountains, lakes and of course the sky, the sun and the stars.

Aman Khuur Trails was born, above all, from the strong passion for nature, the absolute protagonist in Mongolia. The perfect place for lovers of the great outdoors; its vast territory extends on an area of ​​over one and a half million km² and has just over three million inhabitants (it’s the state with the lowest population density in the world, about two inhabitants per km²). It contains the most diverse environments: the great steppe, with the prairie and its pastures, the desert to the south, the immense mountain ranges to the west, the regions of the great lakes, the local fauna and much more. Mongolia shows you the grandeur and majesty of the planet we live on, and resizes you as a human being.

Another very interesting aspect is certainly the cultural one. The Mongolians are a people of nomads with a thousand-year history, characterized by an admirable spirit of adaptation to a hostile and highly inhospitable environment. Their society has always favored freedom of worship, respect and devotion to nature. Strongly dedicated to spirituality, it has always practiced shamanism, contact and adoration of spirits and ancestors, hunting, herding, traditional singing and dancing, and much more.

In short, traveling to Mongolia really means a unique experience, of great value and personal growth. It means giving oneself completely to nature, an integrated and essential part of the Mongolian culture.

The sun shines brightly in the great immaculate sky. Mongolia is the “Land of Eternal Blue Sky”.