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Get familiar with Mangolia’s stunningly beautiful landscapes and store the beautiful & unforgettable memories while you go home. Its towering sand dunes, vast grassy meadows, dramatic mountains, and startling silence will make you speechless. Once you experience its amazing scenery, historical places, wildlife, and much more, you will understand why Mongolians call it the “land of the blue sky.”

Mongolia & much more...

Visit Mongolia and Encounter a wide variety of untouched landscapes with scenic natural beauty. It is a beautiful country of nomadic lifestyles & culture. A trip to Magnolia will offer a mesmerizing cultural experience.

As of March 14, 2022:
1) Passengers from abroad will not be subjected to PCR or rapid-testing upon their arrival in Mongolia. It is advisable to check with the airlines the health rules imposed in the countries of embarkation and transit.
2) No quarantines are required in COVID hotels, nor periods of home confinement.
3) Even people who have not completed the vaccination cycle will be able to enter Mongolia.
The traveler will have to complete and sign a questionnaire that he will receive upon his arrival.
4) You can receive free vaccination upon entering the country.
5) If you contract Coronavirus you will receive free treatment in the hospital.
6) It is only possible to enter Mongolia by air.

Flight N°DaysDepartureArrivalDurationStop-overValidity
OM 138Sat2:30 PM6:40 AM + 1 day10:10Direct30 March-10 May 2022
OM 138Wed, Sat2:30 PM6:40 AM + 1 day10:10Direct11 May-01 Oct 2022
Flight N°DaysDepartureArrivalDurationStop-overValidity
OM 137Sat7:35 AM1:00 PM11:25Direct30 March-10 May 2022
OM 137Wed, Sat7:35 AM1:00 PM11:25Direct11 May-01 Oct 2022

Mongolia Tours: Experience New Adventures

Are you craving an adventurous trip? Explore Magnolia as it is a dynamic mix of culture, nature, and history that curates a unique & authentic local experience of Magnolia.  During the Mongolia trip, you can ride on horseback, experience a homestay with a nomadic family, explore the Goby desert on a camel, enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes, and much more.

An Adventurous Mangolian Trip That Takes Your Breath Away

Mongolia is located amid two big countries, Russia and China. Feel fantastic in Mongolia as it contains high mountain peaks, stunning wildlife, desert, and alluring culture. You will feel fascinated with its culture & traditions. We at Aman khuur trails help you explore its architectural structures, food hub, historical information, and much more. We can customize your tour according to your taste & preferences. Since we have a team of experienced people, we guarantee to take care of your comfort level in Mongolia. Whether you need good local drivers and English-speaking guides, “Aman khuur trails” is always ready to serve you.

Every tourist spot has its unique traditions & culture. Moreover, you must know about that particular state’s rules and regulations apart from cultural traditions. You can’t do this without experienced local guides. Therefore, we make you familiar with everything necessary to offer an added insight to protect you from being embarrassed due to your unawareness. Additionally, when you visit a new country, it becomes difficult to communicate with the local people, here we come to rescue you from such a situation. We at Aman khuur trails can avail you of local guides to reach and visit the destinations without any stress. Book our service today for a happy tour & traveling.